Vaccinating Before Traveling Abroad

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Vaccinating Before Traveling Abroad

While you head to the doctor to get your flu shot for this year you may want to inquire about a few other vaccines as well if you plan to travel abroad anytime soon.

Many regions of the world have a pattern with certain viruses each year that may require certain vaccines before entering the country.

It is important to look up these illnesses in other parts of the world and the vaccines that can help protect you from them. Entering into a new country unvaccinated cannot only leave you vulnerable and at risk – since your immune system has not been exposed to other countries and the viruses that may be around. It can also prevent you from entering, out of fear of residents being exposed to foreign viruses and disease.

Here are a few tips to consider before traveling:

Visit a doctor at least a month and half before you are set to travel

Inform your doctor of where you plan to travel and ask if there are any recommended vaccines you should get before you leave. You can also check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to learn more about international vaccination.

Find out what vaccines are required for the county you are traveling to ahead of time. In addition, make sure you receive a copy of your vaccination history to be used as proof.

Learn about which diseases can affect you while traveling, so you can learn best practices for remaining healthy and safe.

To learn more about vaccination or if you have additional travel questions please to one of our expert consultants