Your Mission Group May be Eligible for Significantly Discounted Airfares

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Missionaries Planning

Did you know that your religious, church or other mission group may be eligible for significant airfare discounts based on  parameters you may already meet?

Many groups like yours don’t take advantage of these discounted airfares because they don’t fully understand how they work. These fares can result in significant savings. Ministry Travel offers these airfares, and here is generally what you should know:

1) Discount airfares for missions are governed over and provided by the airlines, and almost all airlines offer them in one form or another. They have no obligation or requirement to provide them.

2) There is no government or quasi-government department or agency managing or overseeing these fares.

3) Mission airfares can be generous. As with all airline ticket pricing, various factors apply and they can only be quoted with specific flight information. There is no general gauge.

4) Each airline has its own requirements that the missionary travelers or their group must meet in order to qualify for these discount airfares, but most follow this model:

~ Members and employees of non-profit humanitarian organizations;

~ Members and employees of religious church ministries and mission organizations;

~ Members and employees of secular social service agencies, foundations and not-for-profit corporations

~  Passengers participating as volunteers in such projects, organized by accredited volunteer-seeking organizations.

~ Often applicable for accompanying spouse and children.

The above-mentioned groups, or individuals, cannot qualify for nor book these discounted airfares independently. They must be arranged through a travel management company with contracts with those airlines such as Ministry Travel.

For further clarification and qualification information, call Ministry Travel at 877.541.5726. Or, complete this simple, no obligation quote form and tell us a little about your plans.