The Unimaginable Impact of A Mission Trip

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Smiling child and young woman  impactful mission trip

Mission trips can leave a lasting impact. Being in fellowship with people who are unimaginably poor, yet have the same dreams that we do, is humbling and shifts perspectives on the importance of possessions. Fellowship is as important to people who are poor as it is to us, but beyond that, a mission trip should have a stated purpose: exactly how are we going to help the people we encounter have better lives?
The answers may be quite different than you imagine. This is why we must consider the lasting impact of the mission trip. If the goal is to help make hunger less devastating, will you bring suitcases bulging with food or will you also bring seeds and help your new friends plant gardens that will provide many meals long after you are gone? Gifts of clothing are always appreciated, but a treadle sewing machine and tools to make and repair shoes will give people the equipment they need to make a living and the pride that comes from being self-sufficient. A carpenter can set up a business with just a few basic tools.

5 Tips for Planning a Mission Trip for Teen Youth Groups

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Teen girl playing soccer with young Indian boy while group watches  teen youth group mission trip

Planning a mission trip for your Teen Youth Group is much different than planning for just any other mission trip. While many people come to church together as a family, they almost never stay in the same place after arriving. Between catching up with friends, snagging a few doughnuts, and heading off to separate Sunday school activities, most families separate by age group except when they sit together in service. Parents choose their favorite Bible study classes, children go to the class with other kids around their age, and teens head to the youth group. But these differentiations aren’t just to give the parents a chance to discuss their faith as adults away from their children. Naturally, it’s also to help the children learn and grow in their own faith in a way that speaks to their developmental level and interests. Mission trips must be planned with these differences in mind.

9 Ways to be Culturally Prepared for Your Mission Trip

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Asian lady and white lady smiling in rainforest prepare for culture on a mission trip

When preparing for your mission trip, your goal is always to do the most good. Ideally, you can find a community or situation where you and your group can help a great deal and leave the community stronger than you found it. Of course, getting along well with the people you’re helping is a key part of this project. This means that gaining a true understanding of the cultural differences you may encounter in your mission travel is extremely important to your trip’s success. In order to do the most good, your team needs to be able to understand any differences between your cultures that may lead to group members accidentally being disrespectful.

6 Reasons to Use a Mission Travel Specialist

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Mission trips are one of the most enlightening and effective ways to turn the goodwill of your community into real benefit for other communities in need. Whether you’re going to dig wells, build houses, or provide basic healthcare, actually getting everyone to the right place at the right time with all the right gear is a lot harder than most people realize. Planning a mission trip with a mission travel specialist can help in a variety of ways. Not only do you need to choose a safe and beneficial location/objective combination, you also need to ensure that you have enough plane tickets, transportation, and accommodations ready for every single one of your missionaries. Getting a dozen people all to pack correctly and make it in an orderly fashion through busy airports is bad enough and the last thing you want to deal with is the hassle of splitting the group into two separate planes.
While many mission trip leaders try to shoulder this entire responsibility…there is an easier and often more cost effective way! What you may struggle with specifics for the trip, mission travel specialists do this each and every day for individuals, groups, and sometimes even whole conferences full of people. Their experience means that you can delegate at least a few of the mission trip planning responsibilities to experts who not only understand how to book everyone in the same flights and hotels, but can also assist with other needs of your group.
Still on the fence? Here are the top six reasons to work with a mission travel specialist when planning your next mission trip.